The Cottars family has worked with the Maasai elders, community, and representatives of the Olderkesi region of the Masai Mara for generations. This crucial wildlife corridor is key to the sustainable health of the great diversity of wildlife and vegetation in the Masai Mara – Serengeti ecosystem. Calvin Cottar spearheads Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust (CWCT) which employs community members, teachers, rangers, managers and scouts for the Olderkesi Community Wildlife Conservancy for the success of Culture and Wildlife.  Your visit with Cottars Safari Services helps CWCT to provide education, medicine and commerce to the local people, land management solutions for wildlife, and protect the natural biodiversity of this fragile ecosystem.


Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust manages conservancy land with the local community so that wildlife and biodiversity can thrive as a valuable asset to the people.  The revenue provided by wildlife helps CWCT provide schools, education, medicine, ambulance service, bridges over dangerous rivers, clean water solutions, and so much more.  Our team of rangers monitors and protects wildlife throughout the corridor and the area working with multiple wildlife organizations, authorities, and neighboring conservancies.  We plant trees to repair areas of deforestation and offset any carbon created through travel & tourism.  We aim to benefit the culture and community through commerce and conservation, as well as educate our guests in ground breaking conservation efforts throughout Africa.  Together we can create a sustainable future for biodiversity with a truly global impact.

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